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Glyph Developer Journal: 8/8 Glyph Art

In my last post I talked about the value of quality art in a board game. The past month I have been looking for an artist to work on the art for Glyph. I came across Sergey Vasnev's portfolio (among others) on Artstation and was impressed with his work. I had no prior experience contacting an artist for freelance work, so I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it. I reached out to him and explained my need for an artist for a board game I'd been working on. Sergey was quick to respond and was interested to learn more. After several email communications, we decided on doing the champion art for the Necromancer as a trial run. He whipped up a few concept sketches to go over:

Concept sketches for Necromancer

When I opened the file and saw this, a huge smile came across my face. I couldn't believe the quality of and variety in these sketches to choose from. He even used my little player mat mockup to help visualize the art on the board! I wanted to change the game to only have Necromancers so I could use all 5 concepts :)

We discussed the styles and I landed on number 5. Sergey went back to work on fleshing out the Necromancer. Here is the final result:

Necromancer by Sergey Vasnev

"Wow!" I thought. Sergey blew me away with this. Right then I knew I had found the artist for Glyph. The weeks since, we've been working on several other art pieces for the Glyph website and Kickstarter. You'll be able to see some of them in the Gallery page or in various updates on Facebook or BGG.

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