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Glyph Developer Journal: Ideas While Traveling

If you are ever in need of some time to focus on your game idea, might I recommend taking a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean? I was in Paris last week, and during the 8+ hour flight my creative side was working overtime. I created a whole bunch of possible Champions and items. Some of them may just make it into the base game, the others I'll probably use as promos, stretch goals, and whatnot. What items and Champions are joining the struggle for Tundrus? You'll have to wait and see :)

Ok, ok, here's a sneak peek:

Alacrity Set

This set of three items (Weapon, Armor, and Auxiliary) provides a bonus die of a specific type, but, more importantly, is the first group of items in the game to give a bonus during the Champion's Replenish Phase.

And, speaking of Champions, all of the fighting has drawn the attention of the Druid. As a Guardian-class Champion, he provides bonuses to ally defenses and can even transform into a mighty bear which gives him additional armor and other powerful benefits.

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