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In the land of Tundrus, two tribes have exerted their dominance over the region for generations. Through the use of mysterious, yet powerful, glyphs, these warring tribes have tried to rule over one another. Once again, the war drums sound and you must select from a group of champions who have dedicated their lives to harnessing the power of these mystical glyphs. The time has come for these champions to battle against one another and prove who is the most cunning, the most heroic, and the most vicious of all and bring glory to their tribe.

​​Master the glyphs. Vanquish your foes.


Glyph is a dice-building, strategic combat game for two to six players, set in the fictional land Tundrus; where two tribes have vied for dominance over the region for generations. Your task is to form a team of 3 champions and defeat your opponent via the power of mysterious glyphs.


As the game progresses, your champions will have the opportunity to acquire new items which will enhance their capabilities as well as perhaps give them even more skills to use to defeat your enemy.


Glyph utilizes an intriguing dice-building and card-drafting mechanic, which rewards tactical thought as well as provides exciting gameplay. The dice in the game represent ancient powers, which each color of dice having a unique face structure tailored to specific glyphs. Each glyph serves a specific purpose and, through rolling and manipulating the dice, your champions will be able to perform actions ranging from devastating attacks, to fortified defensive stances, to unbounding wealth opportunities. Each champion also has various item slots available and you will be able to acquire anything from simple trinkets to unique weapons and armor to aid you in combat.


The decisions you make each round will have a lasting influence on the tide of battle. Do you take advantage of a weakened champion and attack or try to accumulate wealth to purchase a suit of armor to protect you in subsequent rounds? Battle will rage until there is but one side left standing, victorious. Will you bring honor or disgrace to your tribe?

Justin Potter

In the land of Tundrus, warring tribes call forth great champions to master mysterious glyphs and defeat their enemies.

2-6 Players


90-120 Minutes

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