On the Table: "Shhh! The Abomination will hear you!"

I've been a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre for quite some time--in particular, the zombie sub-genre (my first attempt at a published board game was exactly that, after all). Something about being the underdog in a world of undead, with only your wits and what you can scavenge, I find very exciting.

A couple years ago I learned about Zombicide and found it to be a great survival strategy game. I enjoyed the customization of the board via tiles, as well as the RPG elements for your survivors. When I heard Guillotine Games was revamping their popular series with a medieval/fantasy theme Zombicide: Black Plague I hopped on Kickstarter and backed it immediately.

This past month I received my entire pledge and was eager to jump into this world...

and have been utterly destroyed time and time again. Black Plague is definitely not a casual game you can expect to breeze through in an hour. And be ready to ultimately lose after pouring a few hours into it. While it may seem very discouraging and cause for concern it'll be enjoyable, what I've learned playing Black Plague about half-a-dozen times a large part of the fun is the challenge. My friend Jake and I will spend the next couple days discussing the loss and think of ways we'll avoid X situation the next time.

I would say Guillotine Games have created their Zombicide masterpiece and if they didn't release another Zombicide product again, I would be completely satisfied with that. If you like difficult games with choice and consequence, or even just an adventure junky who likes endless battling overwhelming odds, I highly recommend giving Zombicide: Black Plague a try. Good luck!


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