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On the Table

Here we share some of our latest gameplays. Check them out and be sure to let us know of your tabletop experiences of these or other games you've played recently.

The Art of...Art

Coming across Scythe on Kickstarter was my first exposure to Stonemaier Games and I have been chomping at the bit to play it ever since the campaign ended. My copy came in the mail only a couple days before going on vacation. Needless to say, it came with me.

Making Wine in the Bluegrass


I planned a trip to visit a good friend of mine in Kentucky. He runs a video production company and I assist him when I can. This trip also happened to fall during Lexington's tabletop convention: Lexicon. Wow, what a random occurance :P

My friend does not play board games, but I convinced him to tag-along. Turns out, maybe my buddy is more of a gamer than he wants to admit...

"Shh! The Abomination will hear you!"

I got my copy of Zombicide: Black Plague recently and have already played it about six times. Of those six times, I think I've only won twice. And it's a blast!

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