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Glyph Developer Journal: 4/15 Playtest Results

I'm am very excited about today's post. Tonight, Nate joined me for another full playtest following changes I had been making over the past few weeks. The end results were very promising.

My Champions: Brute, Priestess, Barbarian

Nate's Champions: Fire Guard, Adept, Assassin

Duration: 1:52 (under 2 hours, huzzah!)

Rounds: 10

Victor: Nate w/ two Champions remaining: Fire Guard and Assassin

Main Issue: A few tweaks need to be done on Champion abilities. Fire Guard's Shield Bash now too powerful. Assassin's ult needs reworked/reworded. But, overall, it went great! I am very pleased with this session.


- Pacing was much better, especially early on. We were able to get in and attack, while still having the option to focus on upgrading our items if we wanted.

- The max active dice rule I introduced turned out great. It provides more than enough dice, while still keeping the pacing tight.

- I included the Alacrity Set and Nate commented on how he really enjoyed those items to boost his Replenish.

- Personal thought: I seem to lose this game a lot when playing with others. I suppose that is a good thing, as I don't see any exploits to my advantage. At least I'm still 100% win ratio when playing by myself.

- Healing felt balanced. It feels like a strategic choice and not a God Mode cheat.

- With prototype dice, I think the game will move even better. Dare I say 90 minutes??

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