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Glyph Developer Journal: 6/22 Rulebook

Just a few thoughts today on rulebooks. One: they are hard to make! I don't mean the design and layout of the rulebook--although, that too is very hard and beyond my capacity to do myself. I'm talking about actually putting words to a game you have designed. It is deceptively more complicated than you might first assume.

Two: KEEP GOOD NOTES! By good fortune, I have kept fairly decent notes regarding theme/backstory as well as all the miscellaneous ideas that turned into actual game mechanics worked into the game. This has helped immensely. Even still, taking a game concept that, in my head, makes complete sense and putting it down into a coherent structure for others to follow has not been so easy.

Despite these challenges, I am happy to report that the rules are now officially on paper. Of course, they are still subject to much change between now and game launch, but a big step nonetheless. Click below to open the rulebook PDF

Glyph Rulebook PDF

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