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Our gallery is designed to showcase the hard work our artists put into our games, as well as a place for us to post behind-the-scene sneak peaks at upcoming releases.

Glyph - Photos
Glyph - Production

Glyph alpha playtest. 2/9/16. Utilizing any and all dice in my collection as well as cubes from various games--thanks March of the Ants, Pandemic, and King of Tokyo :)

Slapping Glyph dice-face stickers on prototype wood cubes. Using wood cubes as I was more interested in finding the correct size than worrying about actual plastic dice. I went with 10mm cubes and am very happy with the results. The Glyphs are quite easy to read, while having a small size for player boards and high quantity rolling.

Side-by-side comparison of Glyph die (10mm) to a standard 16mm die as well as 12mm Roll for the Galaxy. While much smaller than a standard die, the graphics are clear and easy to make out from a distance.

"The Necromancer" by Sergey Vasnev for Glyph the Board Game

Here is the first official champion art for Glyph by artist Sergey Vasnev. He has done a fantastic job bringing my vision of both thematics and art style to life. I am very fortunate to be working with such a talented artist on this project.

"Bottled Lightning" by Sergey Vasnev for Glyph the Board Game

The art for item "Bottled Lightning" by artist Sergey Vasnev. This item grants the player instant energy and this glass vial truly looks to be lightning caught in a bottle.

Concept Box for Glyph the Board Game

We want gamers to be wowed from the moment they see the game box. This concept design is headed in the right direction!

"Sword" by Sergey Vasnev for Glyph the Board Game

Item card revised concept. Our graphic designer, Kelsey, has been working on a new layout to emphasize the art. We also want to incorporate inconography when possible to limit the amount of text needed on the cards themselves.

"Stone Golem" by Sergey Vasnev for Glyph the Board Game

Mock up of the Priestess champion mat. It has come a long way since inception!

Concept Box for Glyph the Board Game

I thought I'd share a behind-the-scenes image of Sergey's Necromancer concept. I provide him some thematic elements, then he goes off and whips up several design ideas, like above. We then go over them and pick one to pursue. It can be very difficult to select only one!

Kazoodoo Way Back

Back in 2012, I first tried my hand at board game design. The result: Dead End. I may have been unsuccessful with the Kickstarter and Dead End failed to evolve into a playable game, but I learned a lot from the experience and had a lot of fun making this video (all credit to Ian Friley of Kong Productions for the camera work).

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