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Glyph Developer Journal: Dice!

I'm getting ready to prototype some pieces for Glyph--specifically the dice. Today I went through and created a spreadsheet of all the current starting dice and item dice gains to see just how many dice would be needed for the game. What resulted was some great data that helped me to visualize how prevalent (and lacking) some of the dice were.

Gold turned out to be way over-represented, so I went through and scratched a number of gold gaining item cards. On the flip-side, blue was under-represented. Energy has been a bottleneck in game flow since day one, and by making blue dice more common via a few new items, this should help.

With this spreadsheet, I've calculated the total number of dice to be included in the base game: 120. Wowza, that's a lot. In the next couple months, I plan to reach out to Panda Games and start pricing components, it will be interesting to see how much this will cost :/

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