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Glyph Developer Journal: 1/11 [Retrospect] - Item Stash

The past couple weeks have been spent thinking up Champions and items. With this, came the need to write down the basic outline of a Champion's activation. Also, some thoughts on initiative and item storage.

A few notable changes/breakthroughs:

- Established base stats for current Champion lineup.

- Rethinking initiative. So far, it hasn't seemed to fit. It is an added layer of complexity without adding much at this point. Trying an approach of assigning initiative at start of game, and then it gets passed to the player with the fewest remaining Champions. The thought being first to act has a slight advantage, especially at game end when each Champion only has 1 or 2 HP left.

- Stash. Champions will have a designated stash location wherein they can "save" one or two cards they can't purchase just yet. These cards cannot be used until purchased and placed in an active item slot. Provides options for swapping gear? Secondary items like single-use potions?

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